Church Or Non-Profit


Divine Creations has worked with numerous churches like yours to help launch direct mail campaigns that target the right people, at the ideal time, to get the best results.  We will take care of all of the details so the process will be simple, easy and stress free.

  • Keep church members and new visitors coming back with a custom designed mailing.  We will work to create a custom mailer that will increase response and visual appeal.  We will print, address and bring your cards straight to the post office for delivery.
  • Getting new visitors to your church is the key to growth, for fulfilling your outreach efforts and what God has in store for you.  Whether you want to invite the entire community to upcoming events or are looking to reach a specific group based on a sermon series, we can help provide the correct direct marketing plan for you.


At Divine Creations we want to maximize your Non-profits potential.  We want to help you reach new prospects and increase relations with current donors, members.  We will create a custom plan that suits your individual business needs. 

  • We can do a Housefile mailing (mailing you send to your current donor file) to those who have already made a gift to your organization at one time or another.  Even if it’s your first year in existence and you only have 18 donors, you should mail them a solicitation letter at least once this year.
  • We can help you use prospect mailings to reach new potential donors, members.  We can help you send out a carefully worded letter or postcard that will represent your business to the fullest and increasing visual appeal. 

We look forward to partnering with you and using our expertise to propel you forward.